Nov 11, 2004

To Remember
I just noticed it was November 11th.
Back in the day, old men wearing suits and berets would be selling poppies for a nickel in the subway station. That's how you knew it was time, because people need reminders.

They don't celebrate Remembrance Day here. They've got Memorial Day, but that's earlier in the year, in May.

It's interesting how Rememberance Day is pegged in memory of the two world wars, in hopes that such a tragedy would not occur again. It's notable how significant Dieppe plays in Canada's military history. November 11 is a depressing day.

Memorial Day in contrast is a long weekend. Think Victoria Day in Canada. Now I think it's related to the timing, the onset of summer, but I wonder if the American losses are mostly glazed over by the history of victories.

Just a thought.

I wonder who will sell the poppies when we run out of old men.

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