Mar 11, 2006

California Skies

Have I mentione before, how the skies here are not like the skies where I grew up?
The sky here just seems so much bigger, even though it's limited by hills on each side.

It's absolutely beautiful right now. Gorgeous.
The sun's shining through the thick clouds in the west,
haloed through white wisps that rise high
like flowing veils or angels wings.

Full bodied clouds are hanging low through the valley.
Fluffy white yachts on a sky of blue.
Lazily billows thick with curves. Voluptuous.

In the east the dying light is grazing the tips of the mountains.
The snow capped peaks are winking pink above the dark shadows below.
The clouds that have moved beyond are bright yellow, fading in the horizon.
The moon shines brightly, low in the sky, not yet full.
So wanton and demure.

I'd paint you a picture if only I knew how.
A photograph can't capture this moment.
I wish you were here right now.

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