Jun 20, 2006

Where did the last month go?

Whenever someone asks "What's new?", it seems to me that my life has gotten pretty routine. But this past month and a half certainly seems quite full.

To start, Peachy left, to return to Toronto. The place certainly hasn't been the same without her. Next was Momo. Next to go is Greg. Living here has always seemed temporary; everyone leaving has just made it more so.

A month ago I was up in Seattle for a weekend, after that, Vancouver, then Toronto for a hectic week for my brother's wedding with relatives from all over. I think in moments passing in there I had thoughts to write down. By now they seem to have been forgotten. They seemed so important and full at the time, if it could have been captured; but too many are inconsequential in retrospect.

These are the days I'm glad for my camera. That I might be able to capture those happy moments; at least then they last longer than my memory.

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