Jul 31, 2006


In the Waterloo days, I'd move every four months. I was pretty lucky my parents had a minivan; it wasn't too hard to fit everything, bed, desk and all, in one load. I don't know how guys managed to move with just a sedan or compact. After the furniture, I had a few valuables. Totoro, the computer, the NAD 314 integrated amp, the Mission 731 speakers, a couple of plastic boxes of clothes, and all the food my mom made me bring.

Now I have almost a truckful of crap. And this is after giving away a sofabed and an entertainment unit. I was surprised by the amount of stuff I had.

So moving is one of those times to just get rid of stuff. But it isn't as easy as it seems. There's all the useless junk in good condition. You just can't toss that out, can you? And what about that stuff that isn't in such good condition, but is fully functional? I mean, you can't treat it like any other piece of garbage, can you?

And then there's all those keepsakes and nostalgic items. Like really, what do I need a shoebox of old photos and birthday cards for? I don't know, but somehow it managed to stick around. I'm really not good at this purging thing.

So, hey, anyone want any 5+ year old engineering textbooks? They're like, in pristine condition!

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