Oct 3, 2006

Everything that is connected and beautiful

I'm used to a change of pace every so often. You get 6 years of elementary school, followed by another 6 of high school, and 5 years of university. Maybe that's why I get the phantom sensation of it being time to move on. This school analogy is a bit lacking; school ends with a clear cut graduation, followed generally by an equally obvious next step. Once you're working though, there's no real graduation, just regular bumps in compensation and perhaps leaps in responsibility. Any next steps seem just as nebulous.

Once upon a time I had thought that the future would be like fog in the distance; as you get closer, you'd be able see further beyond. Seems like the fog doesn't necessarily clear up sometimes though. I'm kinda hoping that if I take a bit of a break and hang out for a while, that it might clear out? Should I be skeptical?

If the break works out, it might looks something like:


If it works out. And in the meantime I'll need to figure out how to get enough storage space to carry 3 weeks worth of pictures (and batteries?). And travelling music.

I realize I'm old now that I pick up on "new" music from the radio. Only a few mere days after getting the Regina Spektor CD did I develop a massive obsession for Silversun Pickups. Haven't gotten the CD yet, but thanks to the Hype Machine you can easily find popular mp3s on blogs on line. And they even have a funky little Flash based player.

I recommend Fidelity and On the Radio from Regina Spektor, and Kissing Families, Lazy Eye, and Well Thought out Twinkles from SSP.

Let's hope it all works out.

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