Dec 1, 2006

I admit I'm homesick

I don't feel homesick too often, but 6 weeks seems to be enough to make me really, really want to get home.

Over the last two days I've just had too many aggravating incidents with touts in Delhi that I'm ready to just get out of here.

I spent the afternoon hiding out in the lounge of the Delhi Shangri-La, which was an awfully tranquil retreat. 

I love 5 star hotels.  High tea and wi-fi cost me about $20. It was enough to leave me stuffed, and I can't complain about the plush couches and live pianist either. With the other option being wandering outside with a backpack and a laptop bag, with touts and salespeople hassling you (and more damn konnichiwas), it was money well spent.

I realized that although I've had a fresh lime soda almost every day, a haven't had a Limeca at all on this trip.

Also, Jet Airways, a domestic carrier in India, has pretty stewardesses (like asian airlines) and they remember your name, even if you're just in coach!  That impressed me.

Ok, we're boarding!

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