Mar 2, 2008

Palo Alto Afternoon

Woke up late and with the flu, so drove down to University Ave. in Palo Alto to get an attemptedly healthier lunch (perhaps also to assuage the guilt after a week of chili fries in Salt Lake City). Reminded me of how comfortable it can be here.

Couples walking down the street. Strollers with twins. A pair of big poofy Chows waiting for their owner in front of the Apple store. College girls in short skirts or skinny jeans shopping in the 20C weather. Teenagers hanging out and smoking in the park. A homeless guy with a "NAM VET" sign and a blaring boombox singing "I'm not a hippie..". Flowering trees against a brilliant blue sky. Al fresco dining at 3 in the afternoon. A couple with cakes in front of Satura Cakes, a kid eating a grilled pork chop outside of Pasta?, two girls with a big plate of nachos in from of Andale. Four odd middle aged korean women in designer clothing and tall boots.

That and a big flank steak salad with a pecan chocolate tart means it's time to go back for an afternoon nap.

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