Apr 7, 2008

Stuck in a Moment

After work today I spent some time cleaning out my cube a little, getting rid of piles of notepad that have been sitting around for years, unused. I realized I hadn't turned the page on my office calendar in a while; I never look at it, I just pinned it up since we all got them for free.

It still read April 2007. Last night at dinner, we were talking about how time seems to speed up as we age. Days blow by, each one not to different from the last until a month or a year has passed. We also talked about how the last seven years have seemed, in many ways, like an extension of the university years. It was the work term that would not end.

Just going through my iTunes collection recently I heard I song that I hadn't listened to for a while. It reflected the listlessness I felt a year and a half ago.

Some things do change though, feelings certainly being some of them. I'm not even sure what it is now. Apprehension? Excitement? Doubt? It's the feeling you get before jumping off the cliff, when you know if you hesitate you'll slow down and fail to leap. Is it faith or foolishness? I guess I'll see when I nail the landing.

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