Aug 19, 2008

Chez moi

The problem with getting into a routine is that you get unmotivated. Instead of striving forward and pushing yourself, you get comfortable and lazy. Instead of planning ahead and thinking of a meal for dinner, I just end up buying whatever looks good at the supermarket and combining it with whatever I had in the fridge. Usually I make it work, but I have to admit, while being edible and tasty, it's hardle restaurant quality.

Today's supermarket haul: belgian endives, haricots verts, cooked crawfish.
What was in the fish: sausage that looks like kielbasa (but tastes like spam), arugula, a block of parmesan reggiano.
Sitting on the counter: basil plant.

1. Boil haricots verts for about 3 minutes, then toss in ice water to maintain colour.
2. Peel belgian endive leaves.
3. Chop up belgian endive hearts and spam-sausage. Chop up or grate parmesan. Chiffonade 5 or 6 basil leaves.
4. Sautee chopped up endive hearts and spam-sausage, flavour with salt, pepper, paprika, oregano and thyme in olive oil.
5. Toss cooked crawfish into sautee.
6. When chopped up endive hearts are browned and spam-sausage is crisped, turn off heat.
7. Toss haricots verts, endive leaves, arugula, parmesan and basil in pan, along with a splash of balsamic vinegar.
8. Serve salad with a tall glass of acai and passionfruit juice (preferably generously spiked with export strength Tanqueray).

To be honest, it would have been pretty damn good if it wasn't for the spam-sausage. I should have known better than to keep it around. Maybe if I have visitors, I'll be smart enough to toss out anything spam-flavoured from my fridge (hint hint).

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