Oct 29, 2009

Being sentimental

Had a few drinks at the wine bar down the street (nice neighborhood joint, got a free sticker!), which lead to being sentimental. So thus comes three items of canned seafood from my childhood:
- Brunswick brand sardines with Tabasco peppers
- Clover Leaf brand canned tuna
- Unknown chinese brand of fried dace with black beans

I can forsee some cheap tasty meals in the near future...


Rose Petal said...

I love the dace and black beans. Pure MSG. No nutritiion.

schmassion said...

only if it's the yellow and red label...

radiumleilei said...

The chinese name is Dou Chi Ling Yu,
Dou Chi the black beans, my favorite. In fact, I do not care the fried dace. However, the Dou chi is too salty.

By the way, I love the photo you took in Peru, and others.