Jan 8, 2012

They should make a movie out of this.

Stuxnet was probably the most intriguing virus to make news in the last few years.  It's pretty old news now, and if you've forgotten, it's a virus that was floating around the internet back in 2010.  It was intriguing in that that took advantage of 3 Windows zero-day exploits, which is a feat in itself.  Even though it infected plenty of Windows machines, it only targetted SCADA control systems - control software for industrial machinery, not your everyday desktop.  Further analysis concluded it was likely designed to infiltrate Iranian nuclear facilities and damage the centrifuges used for enriching weapons grade uranium.

This video isn't new, but it's probably the most interesting thing I've seen on YouTube in the past four months.  Almost makes me miss the old WinDbg days.  Almost.  Warning: there's some serious language in this video.

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