Dec 7, 2003

Genesis 6:1-8:19 (for Nov. 12 class)
For this class we were asked to prepare a teaching outline rather than to write a paper. In some ways, since it was an outline it was easier. I think however, I also spent less time on it since it was more cursory. I'm not sure I've thought everything through here:

Teaching outline

Title of sermon: Abiding in God's protection

Background of sin in mankind, Adam & Eve, Cain and Abel, Lamech.
Downhill slope: it got worse and worse, till God wanted to cleanse the earth.

Section 1: Obeying in Faith (6:5-7:5)
Compare Noah with the peoples of his time.
What kind of faith would it to be a sole believer in a society of unbelievers?
Highlight Noah's quiet obedience.
Note the leadership role he plays for his family.
How do we stand up as believers in our society of unbelievers?
Are we willing to obey quietly in challenging social norms?
Can we lead others (believers and unbelievers) in example?

Section 2: Riding through the storm (7:6-7:23)
Highlight Noah's preparations for the storm.
Mental image of the life aboard the ark as the floodgates opened.
Remphasis of his faith beforehand.
How do we prepare for the storms in our lives, when we can't see them coming?
Do we have faith that God's provisions will keep us afloat?

Section 3: Patience in the lean year (7:24-8:19)
Note the passage of time.
40 days of rain, 150 days of flooding.
Over a year before the aftermath of the storm has faded and they got out of the boat.
Noah was forced to be patient on the cramped boat.
Precautions (raven, dove) before leaving the ark instead of haste.
Are we willing to be patient when God forces us to wait?
After a storm, are we in haste to rush out again, or do we wait for God’s timing?
Do we ever stop and reflect when He has carried us through, or do we move on immediately?

God provides for us so we can weather through storms in our lives.
Do we make the most of that by obeying, trusting, and having patience?
Do we rush past with little appreciation but eagerness for the next storm?

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