Dec 1, 2003

Week in Review

Sat Nov 22
Breakfast: Ko fu sandwiches at home with Mom, Dad, and Amy
Lunch: Pasta at home with Mom, Dad, and Amy
Dinner: Lemon Meringue (Jane/Bloor) with Amy

Sun Nov 23
Coffee: Second Cup (John/Queen) with Adrian, Eva, Jess, and Amy
Lunch: leftovers at home with Amy
Dinner: Potluck at Jas' with Jas, Cindy, Janey, Long, Sissy, Jon, Brian, Sunching, Jessie, Warren, Pauline and Henry

Mon Nov 24
Lunch: Mr. Yang Chinese Restaurant (Leslie/Finch) with Mom and Dad
Dinner: oxtail and fish at home with Mom, Dad and Amy

Tues Nov 25
Lunch: Mochizuki (Bay/Elm) with Amy and dentistry friends
Dinner: Milestone's (Empress Walk) with Matt, Janey, Eric, Janice, Norm, Claud, Cindy, Bill, Jon, Rosie, Alfred and Philip

Wed Nov 26
Lunch: Pumpernickel's (FCP food court) with Al and Densie
Afternoon Fries: NYF (Eaton Centre food court) with Amy
Dinner: Marche (BCE Place) with Victor, Janey, Jessie, Ev and Pris

Thurs Nov 27
Lunch: quiche and salad at Kim's with Kim, Keon, and Mattan
Dinner: Ka Ka Lok in Waterloo (King/University) with Toby, Mui and Yuling
Bubble Tea: Timeless Cafe in Waterloo (University Plaza) with Tams

Fri Nov 28
Lunch: potato salad sandwiches at home with Mom and Dad
Dinner: midget turkeys and curry at home with Jen, Adam, Zanie, Allen, Matt, Lyds, and Amy

Sat Nov 29
Breakfast: Tim Horton's (Vic Park/401)
Lunch: Dim Sum at Rol San (Spadina/D'Arcy) with Mom and Dad's friends (and Derek and Amy)
Afternoon Bubble Tea: Ten Ren's (Metro Square) with Cindy and Jerry
Dinner: Noodles at Amy's with Amy

Sun Nov 30
Breakfast: at home (smoked salmon sandwiches) with Mom and Dad
Lunch: Hung Fat (Spadina/Dundas) with Tams, Joe, Al, Denise, Sunching, Shuling and Rani
Dinner: Cheesecake Factory in San Jose (Valley Fair Mall) with Vinay, Shane, Christine, and Steph

Yes, I've noticed it's all defined by food.

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