Nov 15, 2008


Back in California. Back at work. Back living with the roommates that I lived with during school in '97. Back to playing video games till 5am, except now only on weekends. Incidentally, the game happens to be Fallout 3. The original Fallout also came out in '97.

So it seems like a regression of sorts. At work a "regression" refers to a bug where a new change breaks something that used to work fine. In that sense, progress almost inevitably leads to regression. Joints that crack a little more. Skin that's a little drier. Injuries that take a little longer to heal. Wrinkles that dig in a little deeper.

Wait, what am I talking about? I'm asian and well protected from solar radiation. Speaking of solar radiation, it's 24C and blazingly sunny. And the battery on my bike is dead. Bummer of a regression.

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