Nov 29, 2008


Went fishing in Capitola and caught nothing. Zippo. Not one bite. So much for getting up at 6am. This is the second attempt, I'm not sure there will be a third. Should have been surfing instead. On the plus side, there's something extremely relaxing in napping in a gently bobbing boat with the warm sun on your face.
In other non-news, my long weekend productivity has been mostly zero. Not only did I not catch a single fish, I've finally started (and caught up with) the current season of The Office and Heroes, and transforming characters seems to be the common point between the two series. The last few seasons of the Office have actually started to be funny. As Michael Scott has shifted from being tyranical to bumbling, so has the show's humour shifted from mostly uncomfortable awkward moments to actual hilarity. Ryan's schizophrenic shift from the hapless abused temp to the confident wunderkind to the disgraced yet manipulative temp further illustrates how the tone of the show has gradually shifted from season to season.
I had put off Season 3 of Heroes because of the utter disappointment that was Season 2. My hopes were pretty low after seeing this article on the show. Much to my surprise though, I was engrossed through most of episodes 1-9, and was quickly reminded of why the cliffhangers in the first season were so great. The writing keeps you on your toes as the story comes together amongst the twists and turns. The whole premise of the heroes becoming villains and vice versa certainly fleshes out a lot of the character and brings back questions about how we perceived the first season. The only disappointment is now that I'm all caught up in a day, I have to wait weeks between episodes now, just like everyone else.

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