Aug 29, 2011

Road Trip Day 11

The next few days will be a bit of a break from this vacation. That is, we've been going pretty much non-stop, from one city to the next. And while great fun, it's also a bit tiring. I'm sure most travellers have had that feeling at some point. Today we headed up to Chicago. We stopped by at the Arcade Pancake House in the town of Paxton, for some hearty small town grub and hospitality. The rest of the drive to Chicago was pretty straightforward. We first went downtown to Millennium Park, with its silver bean sculpture and animated fountains. We discovered though, that the parking was geared towards all-day parking. For example, the Millenium Park lot cost $17 for 0-8 hrs, the best deal we found was $14 for 1pm-midnight. Both were really expensive since we only planned to stay a short time.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with cousins. The next few days will be similar. We will however, find the end-of-Route 66 sign, there must be one around here.

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