Sep 28, 2008

Caos Calmo - pointless review

I must be some kinda genius to think that I could understand an italian movie subtitled in dutch - or, at least, I must think I'm some kinda genius, since I neither speak italian nor do I read dutch, nor is my french anywhere close to good enough to understand the few scenes where business deals go on in that language. I think my favourite scene was when Roman Polanski, playing a high level executive, asks to continue a meeting in English (although pretty much right after, the dialog in the scene fades out to music).

It's a movie about a widower and his elementary school level daughter dealing with grief after his wife/her mothe dies suddenly in their garden. He promises to wait outside her school, and passes up on his job responsibilities to sit in the park. As the days pass, he builds up meaningless yet heartwarming "relationships" of the people who pass through the park daily, as well as his colleagues and friends who drop in on his park bench.

I'm sure I missed out a lot from not fully understanding almost all of the conversations, although from the very few bits I know of either language, the film was straightforward enough so that I wasn't entirely lost either. I pretty much missed out on much of the symbolism in the film. I didn't get the significance of most of the park characters (if there was any), nor of the gratuitious sex scene which probably ought to give this film an OLD rating for folks 45 and up. On the plus side, I'm now familiar with Stars' Your Ex-Lover is Dead and Rufus Wainwright's Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk.

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