Sep 26, 2008

the little things that keep me down

So there was a matter of this little item, a tiny item, that was Fedexed to me. The problem is, it was sent to my home address in Amsterdam, and I don't happen to be home during the day since I go to work. Unfortunately, the Fedex box was too big to fit in my mail slot, so hence although it took less than a week to cross from California to Europe, it spent two weeks lingering in the Fedex truck, making one failed attempt at delivery after another.

So finally after two weeks, I have a weekday off (weekends were useless since the Fedex office was closed). They've long since given up on delivering the fricking package, so I took the bus to the depot, which happened to be in a warehouse by the airport. It took three different buses in each direction, and the roundtrip took two hours. When I got the package, I opened it on the spot. Inside the box was a bunch of bubble wrap and a letter sized envelope. Inside the envelope was my little key fob. I stuck the key fob in my pocket and left the box and the bubble wrap in the trash and headed back to the bus stop.


If I had been smarter, I'd would have had it sent to my office, like I usually do back at home. It blows my mind though, how such a little thing can turn into such a huge hassle.

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